Women's Kitchen Services

"They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts . . ." Acts 2:46

Coordinator: Sharon Ortman

Involves the efforts of many women working together to provide for the needs of the
CBC family through the ministry of food

 Funeral Dinners

Provides a meal for the  family and friends after a funeral/memorial service

Sharon Ortman, 755-1893
Assistant: Karen Moon & Janel Gunderson

 Fellowship Dinners

Sets up, decorates, serves and cleans up after church potlucks/fellowship dinners
Looking for Volunteer

 Meet & Greet

Serves refreshments during fellowship time between worship services.

Kathleen Sutton, 261-7161

 Kitchen Care

Oversees care of the kitchen and participates in kitchen workdays for cleaning and organizing 2 times each year Contact:
Marcia Snyder, 857-3600

 Additional Ministry Areas:

 Church Library

Maintains the collection of books, CD's, DVD's and other resources in library

Barbara Nordtome

 Sanctuary Flowers

Provide flowers/plant in the sanctuary for weekly church services

Carolyn Root