CBC Family Camp is September 2nd-5th out at Big Sky Bible Camp. **There will NOT be a church service in town on the 4th. Join us for the service out at Big Sky at 10:00am.

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Ross & Lane

Ross & Lane

Partner Architects is a team of missionary architects that believe thoughtful and well-designed places support God's redemptive work in the world.  Ministries need houses, buildings, and campuses that allow them to have a greater impact in the areas of the world they are sharing the hope of Christ.  Partner Architects is a full-service architectural ministry dedicated to providing culturally literate architectural teaching, consulting, and design for ministries in under-served locations around the world. 

Ministry directors and staff are often unequipped to take on building projects and are forced to divert their time and attention away from the daily leading of the ministry itself to address facility needs.  Necessary building projects either never happen or are completed in a way that burdens the ministry with spaces that are expensive and do not serve the goals of the ministry.  We partner with growing ministries to help them understand their needs, assess the challenges and opportunities, and make a plan.  Partner Architects has served over 55 ministries on 6 continents and believes that together, we can create places where we will see God transform lives.

Partner Architects is based in Lakeside, Montana and serves with the YWAM ministry of MBI. 

(Updated 3/2021)